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Intradural Anatomy and mobilization techniques of oculomotor, trochlear and abducens nerve after microsurgical dissection: A cadaveric study
Oguz Altunyuva, Reyhan Kasab, Recep Fedakar, Selcuk Yilmazlar
Pre-proof. Available online 20 June 2024
Short-term and long-term results of odontoid screw fixation in patients with Type II and rostral Type III dens fractures
Ivan Lvov, Andrey Grin, Aleksandr Talypov, Anton Kordonskiy, Aleksandr Tupikin
Available online 16 June 2024
Lateral micro-orbitotomy as the technique of choice for orbital pseudotumor in IgG4-RD. Case report and review of the literature
Gema Bravo-Garrido, Jose María Narro-Donate, Gabriel María Valdenebro-Cuadrado, José Masegosa-González
Available online 11 June 2024
Unveiling the importance of the endoscope in the sealing of the superior canal dehiscence syndrome, how we do it
Carlos Doval-Rosa, Francisco Javier Dorado-Capote, Alvaro Toledano-Delgado, Jose Miguel Sequí-Sabater, Román Carlos-Zamora, Juan Solivera-Vela
Available online 8 June 2024
Combined thalamic and pallidal deep brain stimulation in diabetic hemiballism/hemichorea
Onur Ozturk, Nihan Hande Akcakaya, Mehmet Osman Akcakaya
Available online 28 May 2024
Gamma Knife radiosurgery for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia: A single center-experience
Mehmet Osman Akcakaya, Muyassar Mirkhasilova, Onur Ozturk, Doga Ugurlar, Mehmet Tonge, Gul Alco, Tulay Ercan, Sefik Igdem, Selhan Karadereler
Available online 9 May 2024
Terson’s syndrome after endoscopic removal of a colloid cyst
Angel Horcajadas Almansa, Ana M. Román Cutillas, Ana M. Jorques Infante, José M. Ortega Molina
Available online 7 May 2024
Risk factors for shunt-dependent hydrocephalus after spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage
Loreto Esteban Estallo, Juan Casado Pellejero, Silvia Vázquez Sufuentes, Laura Beatriz López López, David Fustero de Miguel, Luis Manuel González Martínez
Available online 23 March 2024
Venous congestive encephalopathy secondary to arteriovenous fistula aggravated by cerebrospinal fluid shunt
Juan Casado Pellejero, Silvia Vázquez Sufuentes, Laura Beatriz López López, Rosario Barrena Caballo
Available online 16 March 2024
Pediatric atlas anatomy and its implications for fracture treatment: an anatomical and radiological study
Lucie Salavcová, Jan Štulík, Vojtěch Štulík, Michaela Rybárová, Gábor Geri, Ondřej Naňka
Available online 8 March 2024
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