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Postoperative CSF leakages after transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary adenomas: Analysis of a series of 302 surgical procedures
Pedro Riesgo, Paz Mariño, Amparo Platero, Francisco J. Tarazona, Carmen Fajardo, José L. Llácer, Vicente Rovira, Rubén Rodríguez, Alain Flor-Goikoetxea, José Piquer
Available online 13 July 2019
Trends and attitudes of spine surgeons regarding osteoporosis
Ricardo Díaz-Romero Paz, Manuel Sosa Henríquez, Kevin Armas Melián, Gustavo Coloma Valverde
Available online 13 July 2019
Evaluation of temporal muscle trophism in relation to the manipulation time and infiltration of 0.5% isobaric bupivacaine through a pterional approach
Heberseleth Valdivia-Chiñas, María Elena Córdoba-Mosqueda, Erika Fabiola Cruz-Cruz, Diego Ochoa-Cacique, Óscar Medina-Carrillo, Ulises García-González
Available online 25 May 2019