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Vol. 29. Issue 6.
Pages 267-318 (November - December 2018)
Clinical research
Clinical results and costs of endovascular treatment in comparison with surgery in non ruptured aneurysms
Angel Horcajadas, Isabel Ortiz, Ana M. Jorques, Majed J. Katati
Neurocirugia 2018;29:267-74
3D microsurgical anatomy of the cortico-spinal tract and lemniscal pathway based on fibre microdissection and demonstration with tractography
Ruben Rodríguez-Mena, José Piquer-Belloch, José Luis Llácer-Ortega, Pedro Riesgo-Suárez, Vicente Rovira-Lillo
Neurocirugia 2018;29:275-95
Ablative stereotactic neurosurgery for irreducible neuroaggressive disorder in pediatric patients
Manuel Hernández Salazar, Antonio Zarate Méndez, Oscar Meneses Luna, Lucía Ledesma Torres, Ramón Paniagua Sierra, Mary Carmen Sánchez Moreno, Juan Leonardo Serrato Avila
Neurocirugia 2018;29:296-303